Kieskompas - Election Compass, after having developed a successful Voting Advice Application (VAA) for the US Democratic Primaries, has now published a more popularized version for the US Presidential Election: the Trump meter. As always, Kieskompas sticks to its scientific roots. This VAA has been developed through a fully scientific method, and by a team of experts in the Netherlands, the US, and each country in which the Trump Meter is published.

The selection and wording of the statements is executed in collaboration with American political scientists and, of course, the Kieskompas team, based on the American presidential campaign, the most salient debates in the US at the moment, and a large-scale panel survey among Americans. The scientific method also implies that the candidates are placed on all statements by experts who use a strict hierarchy of sources for this purpose. All positions are thus substantiated with communication from the candidates, their platform or website, social media channels, interviews or reliable media. These substantiations can be found transparently in the Trump Meter on the results page under the tab 'What do the candidates think?' It is on the basis of the positions of the candidates on the selected propositions that the Trump Meter calculates the results of users.

Results and dissemination

AD has published the first findings of their Trump meter, as well as HLN once about the agreement of the Flemish with Trump and once that 14% of Flemish people would vote for Trump. Dutch people agree on average for 30% with Trump (compared to 31% agreement among Flemish residents), and for 66% with Biden (64% in Flanders). We also found that voters of right wing parties, perhaps unsurprisingly, on average agreed more with Trump than voters for more centrist or left-wing parties. Young people, on average, have higher agreement with Trump and would vote for Trump more than older people. Jetzt, the online youth magazine of Süddeutsche Zeitung, also published about the Trump-O-Mat.

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While the Trump Meter was initially developed for the AD newspaper in the Netherlands and the HLN newspaper in Belgium, it quickly became evident interest in the VAA was massive and widespread. Both tools collected over 50.000 responses each in the first 24 hours after launch, and have now garnered more than 400.000 responses combined. Kieskompas therefore reached out to other interested parties to disseminate the application, owing to the global importance of the upcoming US election. All tools are identical in their substantive content.