The Kieskompas (Election Compass) is an independent and objective online application that allows voters to compare their own political views with the official views of political parties.

Information, not voting advice
Kieskompas does not give visitors "voting advice", but places them (based on their answers to about 30 statements about the most important political issues) in the political landscape in the midle of all parties. This provides a lot of information about the views of the political parties. More than other voting applications, Kieskompas invites the visitor to look further for similarities and differences.

The political landscape with two axes
The horizontal axis (left-right) is about socio-economic themes such as work, subsidies and taxes. The vertical axis (progressive-conservative) is about socio-cultural topics, such as views on immigration and ethical issues. The position of the parties and of the filler is calculated on the basis of the answers to the statements.

No frivolities during the completion
You will not receive any information about political parties' views prior to or during the completion of an Electoral Compass. We do that consciously. It prevents the visitor from giving 'desired' answers.

All answers from the political parties are checked
This is done by a team of experts based on official documents from the parties. These sources can also be consulted in the Kieskompas. The chance of political opportunistic behavior is thus excluded. This makes Kieskompas the most reliable voting application.


Are you curious about your position in the EU political landscape?


The Kieskompas (Election Compass) is made on the basis of a proven scientific method, which is used internationally by political researchers. If you want to read more about this methodology, send an email to, then we will be happy to tell you more!


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