Every month we examine the opinions of Dutch people on all kinds of current topics. We have put together a special VIP panel for this. This panel consists of more than 10,000 Dutch people. They once used a Kieskompas (Election compass) and indicated that they wanted to participate in scientific research. It is therefore a voluntary panel.

Do you have a question for the Netherlands?
Let us know and we will include your questions in our VIP panel. We always send out the questionnaire in the first week of the month, two weeks later we report the results. A compact report gives you a representative picture of the opinions of the Dutch on the topics that are important to you.

Representative image
The VIP panel is composed on the basis of a stratified random sampling, taking into account four characteristics: gender, age category, province and education level. To prevent unequal relationships, the results are always weighted (iterative stratified weighting). This is done on the same characteristics as with the composition of the sample, supplemented with voting behavior during the parliamentary elections in 2017.


Are you curious about the opinions of your supporters, residents or other target groups? Our monthly panel is a good opportunity to gain scientifically sound insight in the short term.

Ideal for governments, interest groups and trade associations. Contact us and we will discuss the options for our monthly panel.