During elections we work a lot with different media. We see important trends or striking opinions through the Kieskompas. This data is analyzed and processed into interesting and relevant content for the media. These in turn turn this into journalistic stories. In this way we make elections clear, show what the most important political issues are and what the various parties stand for. And so we help voters to make an informed choice. With a higher turnout as a pleasant side effect.

Interesting media productions with data from Kieskompas
Below you will find a few special journalistic productions made with the data from Kieskompas. If you want to see all recent news items, click here. (2018). How much do the Democratic candidates really (dis)agree?

AT5. (2018). Majority of Kieskompas visitors ahead of Amsterdam residents on the housing market, publication about the opinion of Amsterdammers on the housing market.

Omroep Gelderland. (2018). Council members must check, but have too little knowledge, publication about the knowledge, performance and experiences of council members. 

Omroep Gelderland. (2018). Council members: we lose power through joint ventures, publication about the consequences of municipal cooperation for council members.

Omroep West. (2018). Environment and climate are important in casting a vote, according to a survey, publication about the choice of voice of the people of Zuid-Holland.

The London Scool of Economics. (2013). The polarization of the German party system in the 2013 elections and the disappearance of the FDP explain the country's tortuous coalition negations, publication about the fragmented German party system and the associated consequences for coalition formation.

The London School of Economics. (2016). Supporters of Clinton and Trump have diametrically opposed preferences for how the United States should be governed, publication on differences in policy preferences between supporters of the Democratic and Republican parties in the US.


We work together with Local Focus, a company that specializes in visualizing data. In this way we deliver visual material that can be published immediately.


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