Kieskompas online in 5 European countries
The EU political landscapes in five countries in 2019

The Kieskompas research institute has mapped out the position of political parties for the European elections in five countries. Kieskompas uses the political landscape for this. This political landscape consists of two axes. The horizontal axis deals with socio-economic themes such as work, subsidies and taxes. The vertical axis deals with socio-cultural topics, such as views on immigration and attitudes towards Europe.

A voting aid has been made for the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. The political parties were placed on the positions by a team of local academic experts. This is done based on the scientific method of the Election Compass. All placements are justified on the basis of official positions of the parties. These sources can also be consulted in the Kieskompas. This makes Kieskompas the most reliable voting aid.

Curious about your position in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden or Italy? Do the EU Electoral Compass:

The Netherlands:





During the election campaign, Kieskompas will report on striking trends and opinions. Keep an eye on our website and social media for this.

Not all parties participating in the European parliamentary elections were included in the Electoral Compasses. The Kieskompas method takes into account the parties that sit in the national parliament and new parties that gauge at least one seat for some time.

Dutch Election Compass European Parliament elections

Are you curious about your position in the Dutch political EU landscape? Do the EU Election Compass:

About Kieskompas

At Kieskompas we bring political and social opinions into the picture. With the help of online tools and through targeted panel research. Kieskompas is completely independent, has scientific roots and operates internationally. More than 45 million people in more than 40 countries have completed an Electoral Compass. During the European elections 2019, Kieskompas is active in five different countries. Kieskompas is formed by a group of committed and enthusiastic scientists, fighting political analphabetism.

More information

You can find more information in Kieskompas-toolbox for the EU elections. Here you will also find the explanation to include the Kieskompas on your own website through an iFrame, as well as some banners that you can use to link to the Kieskompas.