At Kieskompas we portray political and social opinions. We do this by deploying online (and offline) election aids, conducting targeted panel research and by organizing events.

Our best known tool is the Kieskompas (Election compass). In this way we primarily inform residents, but we also generate a great deal of data, which is used to conduct scientific research. We also process the data into interesting and relevant content for the media. Kieskompas is therefore not just a tool. As an aid to voting, it plays an important role in elections. With our Election compasses we make elections transparent, show what the most important political issues are and what the different parties stand for. And so we help voters to make an informed choice. With a higher turnout as a pleasant plus.

Kieskompas has scientific roots and is embedded in the academic community of the VU University Amsterdam. It works according to a proven scientific methodology and is completely independent. We operate internationally: since our establishment in 2006, more than 45 million people in more than 40 countries have completed one of our Election compasses.

The Kieskompas company is formed by a group of committed and enthusiastic scientists, fighting political analphabetism.

Kieskompas is a member of the Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics (MOA). MOA, the Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research & Analytics, is an association of companies and institutions engaged in Marketing Research, Digital Analytics, Marketing Intelligence and Policy Research. Click here for more information.